What is VIP day coaching?

Business growth is a continuous process but if it is not happening as fast as it should or if it’s happening too fast for you to keep- up, VIP day is exactly what you can use to simplify things for yourself. I totally understand the overwhelm that happens when working in your business, it feels like you have taken another 9-5 job.

I created the Red Carpet VIP DAY…

so you can spend a whole day with me, de-stress in a relaxed setting (a luxury hotel or any other location as per mutual consent), forget your everyday business decisions and conundrum and gain a new focus to what you really want to achieve.

In our time together you will…


Re-visit your goals and aspirations,

learn strategies that will take

your business to the next level

You need this special day

If your race towards fast paced growth has left you fatigued and your ideas are getting obscure, you need some time away and in a setting that can help re-focus your business goals, brainstorm with a guide to re-gain your potential and reach that next level of growth. If millions of ideas are crossing your mind, I will help you identify those ideas that will truly work for you. 

Placida Acheru

 You deserve to be successful…

You deserve to enjoy the time put into your business…

You deserve to live life on your own terms.

So, how does it work?

I would like to understand your business and build a personalised strategy plan for both long and short term and so we will spend the day focussing exclusively on you and your business. You would get your business analysed and get suggestions on how to attract high-end target audience. We will together build a strategy to monetise your product/ service; build price points that will attract your ideal customers. We anchor all of our energies towards making you and your business grow. I work with you to increase your financial income level and bring about a visible change in your life.

We will identify an action plan for your business spanningVIP DAY Coaching 6-12 months that will cover the gaps and address the challenges.


We would also build your vision for the future that you can work towards.

We will be focussing on…

  • Finding your unique path and clarity on where you are taking your business and why?
  • How to increase your prices without losing customers, rather you will gain endless referrrals
  • Building a bio and testimonials that increase sales along with identification of additional sales opportunities
  • How to prepare to go Viral with your marketing and what Strategies to Implement for Visibility and Credibility
  • Creating a Marketing Calendar that produces results, so you can extend the power of your marketing through relationships, and finding customers who eagerly want to buy from you

Red Carpert VIP DAY

Do you get to prepare? Yes…your preparation for the day

  • If you know the gaps/challenges and can pin point them, make a list so we can focus on them right away
  • Have a ready list of areas that you immediately need attention with
  • Make points while learning so you remember exactly what we discussed (after all, the devil is in the details)
  • I am a very happy person and would expect the same from you. I’d be fully energised for the day, question is will you?

Click here to acccess and fill out form where you can provide all the information.


So why choose to work with me?

I care… helping others build a thriving business is more to me than paycheck… You would hear my story of pain and victory and how I came to be doing this. This is my calling, I am born for this.  When you choose to join me I would share with you knowledge from my experience of working with varied businesses, my personal strategy for growth, the mistakes I made – (so you can avoid them) My knowledge of other businesses similar to yours, for you to learn from example. I help you discover your greatest potential, and show you how to walk in it. Over the years I have gathered resources that make business enjoyable – I will be sharing them with you.


Learn how to expand your network.

The Success of a business is strong

partnership and refferals

Who have I worked with?

My clients have included Coaches, Consultants, Health and Beauty Practitioners, Local Authorities, Entrepreneurs, Home based Business Owners and Women in Business. There is enough for everyone, you just need to know how to tap into the abundance around you. Hear what others say…





Follow up Action Plan

After working with several business owners I know from exprience that a follow up plan keeps the results coming. So I love to follow you up, see how you are getting on after a month. We can catch up over the phone or email and I can answer your queries for you.

If you’re still not sure that this is for you, don’t panic!

Contact me and book a free 30 minute consultation and let’s discuss and build a strategic plan that will work particularly for you.


What‘s your investment?

Did you notice? I havent used the word cost rather investment. You are investing today for a much better tomorrow. The knowledge you gain will serve you and your clients… It will serve for life, that is why I take the time with you seriously. VIP Day Coaching

GBP 2497 + VAT for a full 8-hour day APPLY HERE

Group VIP Day is also Available. Interested in Group VIP DAY Click HERE  This group consist of 3-5 people and. To discuss group programmes, contact me for more information.

“Sometimes in life we take a leap of faith. Remember, the leap is not about getting from one side to the other. It’s simply about taking the leap…and trusting the air, the universal breath, will support your wings so that you may soar.” ― Kristi Bowman

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