WOW!!! What a day at the STEP UP event.  It was a fantastic day of sharing and opening of both hearts and minds.

We all STEPPED UP to make the day extremely worthwhile. It is my hope that you have all gone away with renewed vitality and actions that you will implement immediately to move your life forward.

The discussions identified procrastination and the fear to take that STEP UP into the unknown as blocks to success. All of us need mentoring to take these steps. The time of self-doubt has to end, but sometimes we need someone to hold our hand and guide us during the STEPPING UP into the unknown. This was my desire from the day. I want you to have the confidence in me to help you take that STEP.

We had excellent contributions from Karen who talked about the importance of Leadership. It does not matter at what level we are in an organisation or the number of employees in our business, we are all Leaders. The simple lessons and steps to good leadership presented by Karen should be applied to your daily life. Karen is always available to help you with the STEPS to become an excellent Leader in your own right. You have met her now, so take advantage of this acquaintance and STEP UP to be that Leader you are capable of being. Get Karen’s Book Here

No business can survive or flourish without strong customer sale closing STEPS. We all know how hard it is to find customers, never mind close a sale at the price we need to achieve. Simone gave some excellent STEP by STEP ways to overcome revenue inertia in your business. If you were one of the people who purchased his book, I am sure you will find it an excellent guide to significant increases in your own sales. Simone is a great ambassador for these techniques. The CHIT CHAT principle action groups were a great fun way of reinforcing those lessons advocated by Simone. There is no better way to practice these techniques than with a mentor and to receive constructive criticism in return. Get Simone Book Here:

Stepup_event_25 _July_2015

Last but not least, you heard Nigel give an enlightening insight into the world of technology and the positive impact it can have on your business. Nigel has real practical experience and lives what he preaches. He has been kind enough to provide links to useful information to help you STEP UP in technology.

Often learning can be too serious and it can be hard to hear the messages being spoken. Just one of the ways I like to highlight how important clear communication can be is the drawing game. I thought Simone made an excellent attempt at communicating a description of what he was seeing, but even an experienced presenter such has Simone showed us all what we are trying to say in not always heard that same way by all of us.

The STEP UP event is just the start of your journey into making your dreams become realities. I have mentored many people into moving on to the path their heart and mind desires. The wisdom I can bestow on you in my mentoring sessions is not just for the now. They are practices and techniques that you will use to make a success of your whole life going forward.

I love my “Money Game” workshops. They are the corner stone to the journey to understanding what greatness you can truly achieve given the appropriate resources. Never doubt your skills; young Emmanuel (9 years) made us all realise that in children, you truly know yourself. I began the day guiding you on the first STEPS to knowing yourself. Without knowing yourself it is impossible to start the critical path to enabling your success.

The date for the next STEP is fixed for 28Th November 2015. Join our Group on Facebook, keep the keep the learning active.

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Until next time, God bless

Placida x

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