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placida Acheru

Starting and Managing a business requires much more than just writing a business plan, opening an account and printing off some cards. If you own a small business, professional practice or are self-employed and need professional business advice, I offer some money saving packages that can help you take your business to the next level.

As your coach, I’ll keep you on track; provide an objective point of view, and guidance. We will discuss, strategize and brainstorm together. Remember, it’s all about you and your success, therefore as a coaching client; it will be up to you to implement and actually do or delegate the work necessary to achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself.

A general overview of how the coaching program works:

1. We start with a Gap Analysis – which is assessing where you are now, what’s working, what’s not, and clarify what needs to be done to achieve your goal. You will have an outline of the work we will do together and clear out any “clutter” and roadblocks that may be standing in the way of achieving your goals so you can focus more clearly, make thoughtful decisions that will progress you quickly.

2. We will set out your goals; action steps based on the analysis, then implement new strategies pinpointing measurable results. This is the phase where most of the work and the bulk of the results including rewards take place.

3. In the final phase, we plan out the future goals you will continue to work towards on your own. You will have continual support from my community and resources so that you remain on track and overcome challenges.

In addition to coaching sessions, you’ll get resources, tools, assessments, and exercises all designed to help you achieve your goals, break every road block, run your business more effectively, make more money and experience less stress.

Since business coaching is a process, the time needed for each individual to achieve their goals is different, but all clients basically go through the same phases.

Why do you need to take up my program, you have a coach and mentor who is truly passionate about your success, who would not abandon you but will continue to give you guided support through out the program, You have my business club and continual update of resources to help you stay focused. You can join monthly calls whenever you can.


I’d be honoured to be the person who helps you TURN YOUR VISION INTO REALITY so you can have the life you always desire.


I invite you contact me today.

“Placida, is a one of a kind tutor, a woman of many talents, add to that patient, fun to be with”

“Meeting Placida has truly been a life changing experience for me. Regret will never be a word I say after joining up for her Mentoring Mix – Boot camp program; I encourage you, don’t wait, jump in boots and all.

She has so much knowledge to share; learning with her has opened up my world to a whole new and exciting journey. After a couple of sessions with Placida, I have learned about things like Skype, and Paypal and best of all I have my very own website too. Now my day is one of saying “I can’t wait to learn more”

Placida, is a one of a kind tutor, a woman of many talents, add to that patient, fun to be with, and oh so very encouraging. Enjoyment, while learning, is what I have had the pleasure to experience. “Thank you so much Placida for all I have learned from you”~ Maxine ButlerAustralia

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