530 people spent 5 days with Loral Langemeier (my mentor, a 5x New York Times Bestselling Author, speaker and coach) and her team and raked in $426,000.

I was a part of this group of lucky people…here’s where we did it:

Loral & her team are hosting a Make New Money event from December 10 -14 and they still have some open seats!

If you haven’t heard of Make New Money, it’s Loral’s hottest new training. In a nutshell, you’ll leave this event with the ability to:

  • Create your Cash Machine    
  • Market your Cash Machine
  • Sell your Products and Services
  • Execute Service-Based Sales techniques
  • Discover the Power of Joint Ventures
  • Learn Exactly how to Structure  Lucrative Partnerships with Rock-Solid, Win-Win Contracts
  • Price your Products and Services accordingly to Make Money
  • Make Money. Fast

The event is Thursday, November 12 through Monday, November 16 and I truly recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneur, wealth-builder or anyone looking to create a new financial future for themselves.
You can learn more about the event here:

Makenewmoney testimonial


Here’s how it works:

You’ll learn unique money-making strategies that you’ll implement immediately with the other business and wealth builders in this group.

In other words, built-in business opportunities are put right in front of you so you can sell, make deals, and create lucrative partnerships immediately.

You’ll literally have dozens of new leads, customers, and potential joint ventures all around you… right from the comfort of your own home or office!

All 100 people at this event will have ample opportunity to make new money. The average participant makes $775 by the time this event is over… And many walk away with much more than that in their pocket!

Not only will you get instant feedback on your money making strategies from this like-minded community, including my master trainers, this is where you’re going to find your IDEAL customers and partners.

You also get full access to a private “Make New Money Marketplace” on Facebook so you can keep moving your business- and wealth-building conversations forward.

And GET THIS… Once you’re a part of this powerful community, YOU’RE IN FOREVER!

You can also use this group for product and marketing research… where you get timely feedback from a community full of experts, including my team leaders who stay with you inside this private network.

You can learn more about the event here:

Just by showing up to my December 10-14 Make New Money event, you’ll automatically be connected with your target market?


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