Open your heart to new possibilities and explore the stories in this book.

You will find a treasure trove of real journeys where you will discover answers to your questions about life and true happiness.

This book contains the voices of twenty such women from different backgrounds and eight countries. Their stories are real. They will tear at your heart.

The aim of the book is to give women strength by knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. These brave women have opened up to reveal their secret hidden tragedies to help other women.

This book is dedicated to women that need to reach the love within themselves.



Love Unboxed is a collection of personal short stories from 20 courageous women. These women share their Real, Raw, Undiluted Love Journeys to heal and empower.

This book is not just about wanting to share our painful stories. Our single desire is that any woman who comes across this book will find answers within the pages of Love Unboxed. We understand that, in times of pain, some are unable to seek help, this is why these courageous women, in spite how they feel, have shared their stories, so others may find answers and courage to face their own demons.

This book contains the stories of twenty such women. Their stories are real. They will tear at your heart. The aim of the book is to give women strength by knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. These brave twenty women have opened their secret hidden tragedies to help other women.


“As I was reading and immersing myself the plot of each story, I felt the pain of the scars that had not yet stopped bleeding. The toxicity that invaded a rusty youth by a bad choice. A companion who never was, a nightmare turned to smoke when leaving behind that bad dream to continue walking, just with a slight burden on the shoulders as the only luggage: to have made that difficult decision.”

Victoria Calvo

Author of Independence ties. A novel about an indomitable woman who fought in the War of Independence., Spain

“There is a notion that:
•    Straight A’s = knowing better
•    Good life = immune to the happenings of the outside world
We are all vulnerable at our worst!

This book is:

•    Practical;
•    Real – you can almost touch it,
•    Not far-fetched; and
•    Something we can relate to

These women found their scared heart, their essence, became whole again. It was like they are reborn.”

Nosipho Kabeni

Meta-Coach, South Africa

“My first thoughts were these women cannot be alone without a man! What is it she finds so difficult about being alone? However after thinking about their stories I give them credit for living life to the full despite the successful and challenging relationships. So many don’t take the risk of being in a relationship regardless of whether it is 100% ‘right’, they sit in ‘fear’ and judgment and remain alone!

A powerful book of courage, passion and never ending search for the love within. With women who have lived, loved and lived life to the full.”

Fiona Clark, London. UK

Midlife Mentor and Life Coach





“Placida is one of those rare people that are top notch in all she does. She has drive, dedication to learning, and is passionate about sharing her wisdom with other entrepreneurs.

Jane Morrison

United States

“In the few months I’ve known Placida, I found a “gem” and “guru”. A very passionate individual whose sole desires is to help small business owners create wealth and profit, her ability to help any business profit from the Internet is remarkable. She also helps them personally on a Local level. Her dedication to anyone who hires her is so passionate that she won’t stop until she finds the formula to make any small business create revenue and profit via the internet.

Kenneth Varga

CEO | Customer Acquisition, Jersey City, New Jersey


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