Hello and welcome, The Love Unboxed is a collection of 25 Life Stories and Lessons.
Life lessons are never learned in isolation. We maybe from different cultures, races and ethnicity.

When one woman is hurt, we feel it the same. 

·   Do we keep silent, because our story reminds us of the pain and shame we felt?  

·   Do we shy away because, there is too much detail? Let our voice spread and reach out to that woman in her closet. Let healing take place right there in her home. 

The purpose of this book is to educate, Inspire, help the next woman heal and find her own path.  She needs us...  

Do you have a story to share? I invite you to join the wonderful women who have already said yes to this book. We are excited by the response already and if you believe in already shows that this book is going to make an impact in the life of any woman that picks it up.

We are looking for heart-cantered women who have a love and relationship story. 

It does not matter how the story began. It is the journey that is important and how it has helped you define and find the happiness you now enjoy.

Past stories: Divorce, Unhealthy, Unhappy relationships, Inability to find a partner, whatever the past – if you think another woman could learn from your story…Join us.

Writing is a journey of discovery because until you start, you never know what will happen, and you can be surprised by what you do - expect the unexpected! ~Mini Grey

What to do next...

"Placida is a mentor to me in many ways."

“Placida is one of those rare people that are top notch in all she does. She has drive, dedication to learning, and is passionate about sharing her wisdom with other entrepreneurs. As a Diamond Member of her Mastermind group, I am impressed with her attention to detail, her organization and business vision. She is a mentor to me in many ways. When I am discouraged or confused about a strategy, she always aids me in getting out of my confusion and I am encouraged by her belief in my abilities and that leads me to be bold and my best. I respect her as a conscientious business woman and highly recommend her as a coach.”

I made #1 Amazon bestseller in three categories

Being a medical doctor with little knowledge of business, marketing, social media and so on. I needed someone who knew what to do. I met Placida on social media and read her cliente testimonials. I decided to try her out. She didn’t hoard information and shared what she knew patiently. Every tool that she thought might help me succeed in my business was covered in detail, she was knowledgeable about the things I was enquiring about. 

Placida encouraged me to project myself and my works and showed me how to get my book on Amazon bestseller list. In 3 months of working with Placida I made #1 Amazon bestseller list on three categories, Speaking engagments, JV partnerships and Visibility for my business. 

I am more confident about my abilities. The internet is no longer such a mystery to me, thanks to you!  ~  Dr Adaeze Ogbalu-Ifezulike 

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Placida is one of UK's top business accelerators, mentors and brand visibility strategists. Founder of Coaching 4 Excellence and Unleashed Women’s Network, she is dedicated to guiding others worldwide towards taking charge of their lives, breaking through roadblocks to systematically transform their everyday into the power to create wealth.

She is a straight talking Business Coach who helps clients get laser focused on their goals and reach for financial freedom! She also works with her clients to show them how to use social networking and online marketing as a forceful tool.

Placida has been featured in digital prints ( and women empowering women magazine), TV shows (Ben TV, OH TV, The Sporah Show and women’z world) and featured in podcasts like ambitious entrepreneur. She’s also on the list of Top 100 Most Influential Black People on digital/social media drawn by

She went from being a school administrator to an internationally recognized business coach and mentor. Her inspiring podcast show called “Keep Your Dream Alive” can be found on ITunes at

This Is Your New Title

This Is Your New Title

Before I met Placida I had quite a small plan to take  forward but Placida helped me see a bigger picture of what the business can do. I choose to work with Placida because of her business proofs and how she had grown unleashed women’s network.

I worked with Placida for three months to create an event which was a huge success and left the women wanting more. Placida’s style is quite unique as she gives you the opportunity to develop yourself by making sure you are completely involved in the process. She gives clear direction and keeps you on your toes through the process.

Placida helped me create a bigger picture for my business beyond what I thought was capable or what I wanted to do with my organisation.

The value you created was numerous      

·  Placida helped me build a strong marketing method that yielded results

·   Create a system to promote the event and the hosting company

·    She showed me how possible it is to put on a world class event

·    She helped me create a social media strategy that worked.

·    Placida provided a fort to help me when I needed a secure place

Since working with Placida I have gained more exposure and credibility ~ Tokunbo Osunbayo 
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