Keynote Speeches And Presentations By Placida Acheru

Attendees always walk away with specific strategies and action for their personal,business or organization. Placida regularly holds her own events and understands how to work with varied groups

Placida regularly speak at conferences, Seminars, Radio on various topics around Brand visibility, Online Marketing, Personal Re-branding and Developing a mindset for success. Placida’s talks helps her audience break every road block to financial achievement and creating an all round success.

Picture Below: 26/3/2011: Placida speaking at her Women Info-Millionnaire Bootcamp with 150 women in attendance. (held at Holiday Inn 97 Cromwell Road, London SW7 4DN Gloucester Road Kensington)

Photo Above : 14th March 2015 Speaking at Aberdeen Nigerian Women Development Conference…2 months and 1 week after recovering from  24 days in coma

Placida is one of the most captivating coaches/presenters I have had the privilege of experiencing. Her eternal optimism is underpinned by a fabulous sense of humour/humanity against compelling business acumen. She is a strong networker and great asset to any forum she graces with her presence. ~ Marie Augustin 

Education Management Professional | London


Placida is available for live and virtual events with audiences of any size: 

* Conferences  * Tele-conferences

* Luncheons  * Conventions

* Workshops  * Breakfast Meetings

Placida is a true business and social media ROCKSTAR. She is generous with her time, knowledge, and most importantly, she is willing to meet you where you are so that you can take your next best steps in your business. Today she went above and beyond to help my business along and I am grateful. Placida is genuinely interested in your success so if you want your business to go where she has been, then I recommend connecting with her to discuss your goals and find out how she can help your business too. ~ Karen Que

CEO at Q infusion LLC

Placida’s Speaking Topics:

*Choose from any of these topics for your event

  • “Start Your Business Today”: How to convert your hobbies into a profitable business.
  • “No More Road Blocks unfold your vision”: How to have the mindset for success and walk in your passion. Too often the vision we hold for ourselves and our lives remain stuck. Deciding what we want in life is the hardest part of taking action. How do you know what you really want?
  • “Steady Flowing Income”: How to start an online business by quickly recognizing and capturing money-making opportunities.
  •  STEP UP AND EMBRACE THE STAR FACTOR”: Magnetize the wealth building profits of the online and offline market. How to manage your finances and make your money keep working for you. A rewarding life is based on strong foundations and the key to this is in the development of skills.
  • Social Media Profit System: 4 Proven Steps to Monetizing Your Social Media Activities. With Facebook hitting 1 billion users and Networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest having the million mark, business owners need to learn how to monetize their social media efforts.
  • From Acorn to Oak Tree: How to transform your business in 60 days or less – Signature talk
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