We all have ways in which we end and start our new month. Are you one of those that dash through the year and rest when its new years eve? or Are you the conscious one that makes time to pause, appreciate each month and prepare body soul and spirit for the next month?.

As a business person the tendency is to be super busy so much that we miss the really important things.

This month, take time out to STOP – Yes! stop the mind chattering, the anxiety, the depression, the fear, the loneliness, the uncertainty and whatever it is that occupy your mind.

Take time out to appreciate your world and all that’s in it.When you do this, you will open doors for better things to come.


You hear me talk about making work light, when you relax and know that everything is in control, what happens is you see more productivity and have less stress.

Today I appreciate you for landing on this page and taking time to listen to the video.

Leave your comments and thoughts. I would love to read how you end your month and start a new month.

Have a wonderful November

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