Vision Activation Workshop London

Join ME at this powerful life transforming workshop where I take you through MY PROVEN 8 STEP process TO RECLAIM AND RECHARGE your life.

Price : £127.00

Discovery Session

Are you a Business owner struggling to joggle things together? Thinking of starting a business? or Just need clarity in life and business. A discovery call will set in motion steps you need to move in the right direction.

Price : £175.00 £0.00

Business Plan/Strategy Session

This powerful 30 minute session will help you put the right structure in place for 2016. We will discuss your personal business need and create a bespoke marketing strategy that will quick help you achieve your goals.

Price : £497.00 £150.00

Red Carpet VIP DAY

Business growth is a continuous process but if it is not happening as fast as it should or if it’s happening too fast for you to keep- up, VIP day is exactly what you can use to simplify things for yourself. I totally understand the overwhelm that happens when working in your business, this is the reason I created the Red Carpet VIP DAY… so you can spend a whole day with me, de-stress in a relaxed setting (a luxury hotel or any other location as per mutual consent), forget your everyday business decisions and conundrum and gain a new focus to what you really want to achieve.



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