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Women gather from the 9-20th of July for a life and business transforming online conference. The Woman Unleash Your Potential Summit is an annual event which attracts participants from over 45 countries.  This event is hosted by Placida Acheru one of UK’s Top Business Transformational Coaches.  This year the event will be featuring the following speakers:

The speakers will be sharing techniques on how they jumped their hurdles in life and business and developed 6-7 figure income businesses.

Here are some of the modules they will be sharing at this online event:

  • How to Uncover, Own, and Communicate Your Irresistible Brand That Attracts Your Ideal High Paying Clients
  • Setting Goals and Achieving Them
  • Thought Leadership for Women
  • Six Selling Online Principles
  • Speak to Attract, Market and Close New Business
  • Solving the Profit Puzzle: How Women Business Owners Can Multiply Their Revenue by Cracking the Code on Corporate Contracts
  • Be the News
  • Lead With Your Soul: Claiming Your Innate Brilliance
  • 5 (and a half) Steps To Launch your Own Personally Branded Web TV Show

The purpose of this event is to Motivate, Empower, Encourage, Educate and Enlighten women across the world; as well as give these women in business ready TOOLS to be independent and successful in whatever they do.

Who can attend this event?: Women in Business, Coaches, Mentors, Independent Practitioners, Work at Home Moms, Consultants, Career Women and Female Entrepreneurs.

You are invited if you:

  • Need to Transform Your Life?
  • Want to create a marketing system to attract their ideal clients and earn leveraged income?
  • Need to experience true freedom in your business and life?
  • Want to learn how to break the fear of failure and success?
  • Need collaboration, support of other successful Business owners?
  • Want to discover your true calling and take charge of your life?

Registration for this online conference is FREE, We encourage women to share this with other women so that they too can benefit from the teaching of these expert entrepreneurs.

Know Like and Trust

These 3 words together have been used so much in the last 2years. The business world has changed and still changing with clients wanting more from business owners not just service but relationship. I had a long talk with Emily Dawson of Imagine I can, at our last East London Business Clinic, basically discussing the way women do business the overall effect it has on us and how we should actually be doing business and it all narrowed down to having a community spirit where women supported each other knowing that there is more than enough for all.

Emily shared that since she relaxed in her business without trying to do everything and be everything she found more peace and started attracting the right kind of clients. She is a happier business woman and has created a world so beautiful for herself, daughter, business and her clients.

In business you don’t have to do it alone, and there are people that you can trust in the process of your growth. It’s true that not all support is free as bills have to be paid but there is a lot of free support that you can maximize for your growth.

In our LinkedIn group a few of the ladies have taken it upon themselves to start a connection challenge which is basically connecting with a least 2 ladies a week by speaking with them. Imagine the impact on their business, that’s what this is all about, making an Impact through relationship building.

Sonia Greyson-Newman of  Bright Now Coaching also joined us and it was good to know how much she has evolved in her business working with women 40+ to find their bearings (my words)

Honestly when you get to that age, for some, it’s like where time went, and questions pop up like  what I have been doing and what can I do with the remaining time?. Then the blame game starts, blaming ourselves for past mistakes.

Without the conversations we had yesterday, I may not fully understand the package/potential that these women have to offer other women.

Relationship has been built and I know where to send women 40+ who need Sonia and Women who need Emily’s Yoga and Life Coaching Service.

The Wow! Business Clinics is not just another business networking event, they are life time relationship building forums, a support network that truly care for its members, supporting them as a person first and then their business.

We let our business guards down for a few minutes and we make friends with the intention of expanding our networks in a way that it profits us in the long run.

We are different (Unleashed Women’s Network) , we are starting and we are getting to our destinations. My new friend Kid President said in this pep talk “We are a team, on the same side and if we work as one and we will be dancing. As long as there is breath and our hearts are beating it means we have work to do. Let’s get started!!!

I may not be as eloquent and intelligent as some of you ladies but I do know where I am heading, I have chosen the path that leads to awesome, I hope you would join me. I believe there are ladies here whose lives are going to be transformed because they said yes to this Network and the work we will be doing together in the near future.

If you have read my previous posts, our social networking groups are free for all to join, connect, make friends build valuable relationship and if it pleases you, invite your friends to join in too. Connection is built by sharing together not doing it alone.

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