How To Start A Modern Day Business with Zero Finance

Can you make money out of nothing? Is it possible? Do not be surprised because the internet makes this not only possible, but also easy-to-do for everyone at any age. Do you need to be a computer guru? The answer is a big NO! You need not be a computer expert or Internet marketing specialist. All you need is a fire in your belly to achieve success and an ongoing desire to learn. We are going to look at four ways you can get started today.


So how?
The fact is, the world has gradually become a global village, where you can easily reach potential clients without having to travel.

What’s in your hands? –

We all have something to offer, skill, knowledge, experience. There are people around the world who want to learn what you already know. Begin to think, what is your offering, what solution can you give to a problem. What do you know that you can teach? When you have discovered that, then…

Start a blog – once upon a time, to launch a business the minimum needed was an investment to create a professional looking website. Today also, a website is a great asset when you start a new e-business. However, it is not the only way to do so.

You can also use a blog. A blog is an excellent way to launch your business with zero investment. You can add everything you need on the blog including a shopping cart, autoresponder and all the paraphernalia required to run a modest yet efficient website – all for free although you have the option to upgrade the services you receive from whatever provider you choose.

There a few out there:-Business Plan
1 Blogger



Once you have created your account on these platform, it is now time to start sharing your message, products or service following the guidelines of each platform. The more you publish the more you will get found and the more you will achieve your goal.

Affiliate marketing – This is a brilliant way to establish your business for free. What this means is you advertise other people’s product and get paid a commission for it. In some instance depending on what you are promoting the parent organization of which you wish to become an affiliate would not only offer you a free and well-designed website, but also all the tools and assistance you need to market their product. In addition, you would get a percentage as commission for every sale you make through your website. Commissions vary from 10% to as much as 100% and in some cases recurring income is also part of the deal.

There are website which house products you can promote. All you need to do is register for and start selling. Zaxaa, Clickbank, JV zoo, Ebay and Amazon associate

Free advertisement – In order to make yourself known on the Internet you need to advertise your presence heavily and persistently. This too, can be achieved free of cost. All you have to do is write a few informative and interesting articles on your blog and also submit it to free article directories or e-zines. This process would help you build an enviable traffic to your blog almost overnight and your business would show profit in no time.

Social Media Platforms – Social media platforms today are like miracle solutions for business owners. These platforms pull in millions of users who are looking for solutions for their various needs. Do a test trial and discover the best platform for your product and services. Some social platform to look into are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube and blab.

So thinking of starting a business and have no money, do not despair, you can. The ingredients for success are discovering first hat you want to do, a positive attitude and an unquenchable thirst to succeed.

Let me know if this has helped in getting you started.



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Periscope: The Live Stream Changing The Business World

Periscope: It’s new and it’s hot. If you are not on it, you are missing out on international recognition.
So what is Periscope?
This is a live video streaming application available for IOS and Android developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. This application has been purchased by Twitter for 100 million dollars in March 2015.

Periscope basically enables you to go “live” with your mobile anytime and anywhere, and to watch people’s live broadcasts from all over the world. There are approximately 14 million users on periscope with almost 100 thousand joining in every day.
Users of Periscope are able to choose whether or not to make their video public (anywhere in the world) or simply view able to certain users such as their friends or families.

Periscope allows viewers to send “hearts” to the broadcaster by tapping on the mobile screen if he or she likes the video.

Photo: Capture Live event – Oprah Super Soul Sessions

Periscope 1

After 24 hours, the broadcast is removed from the application.

Since the month of May, you can only log in with Twitter but with the new update you can now log in with your phone number or with Facebook, proof that Periscope has gone for more accessibility and user friendly.


Discover the world through somebody else’s eyes


I) How to get started with Periscope

First of all you need to download the application. You can log in with Twitter, your phone or Facebook but I highly recommend to log in with Twitter as Twitter owns Periscope, they are directly linked. You will then be asked if you want to receive Periscope notifications on your phone: this allows you any time to know when somebody is doing a live stream.

When you click on the little globe, a world map will appear to your screen with small red points: these are all the places in the world when people are live streaming. If you are not particularly interested in finding live streams in a particular location with the map, you have a simple list of the live videos without the map, just click on “list” at the top, next to “map”. The globe gives you two different views of the different events across the world.
When you have access to the video, you then have the possibility to share it: share on twitter, with all your followers, or specific friends. You can also copy the link and share it now on Facebook with IOS.
Photo: Tay Zonday on Periscope
periscope share (2)


To start your own stream, the actions that come up are the following:
– Enable camera
– Enable microphone  

– Enable location
you also have the option to make your broadcast private, by choosing only the people and followers that you want to see your live broadcast.

Give your video a catchy title, you can brand it by including emoji’s. Titles can be anything you decide. “First time with Periscope” can be the title of your first video. Don’t forget to include any hashtags important to you.

Periscope emojis


For your first video, my advice is to do just a quick introduction, say who you are, and make it clear and keep it simple. Every broadcast is available during 24 hours.

If you want to find somebody in particular you can do so in the research bar.

II) What Periscope can bring to your business?

You can indeed use live-streaming to market your business. Periscope is such an innovative and powerful social tool to make your business known and make it grow.


For example you can do:
Live Product Demos : If you’re launching a new product, or if you have a new idea, just share it. Share the characteristics of your new product with your audience on Periscope. You can do an interactive product demonstration by answering questions from viewers.

Periscope is also a great way to share relevant news in the industry and about the marketplace. It is also an effective way to get noticed, asking relevant and intelligent questions, and to connect with influencers in your industry.
It also gives you the opportunity to build your mailing list and to attract some more clients to your business, talking about what you do, the book you’ve written, make promotion for your products and services may give people the will to give their email addresses in the comments to sign up.

III) Periscope’s on Landscape.

Introducing landscape mode

Periscope has just been updated with some new features: latest version of IOS and Android, the possibility to film yourself in landscape mode that is to say with the smartphone horizontally, which enables a better view of the screen. This new update was a response to the community’s demand. People can now hold their phones either in portrait or landscape.

Viewers love the fact that the Landscape mode gives more viewing room and looks so much better when uploaded on YouTube. They can continue holding their device in portrait, or match the broadcaster’s orientation to maintain full screen video. Now you will never need again to tilt your head to watch sideways video.



Periscope opens up a bit on Facebook
For IOS only, but soon for Android as well, Periscope has developed the possibility to share the broadcast’s link on Facebook.
You can now share the link to a live broadcast or replay onto Facebook on iOS. To see this option, you’ll need to log in to Facebook from the iOS Settings app on your smartphone. Once you are logged in, open Periscope, view a live broadcast or replay to share and Facebook will be one of the options.
To put in in a nutshell, you absolutely have to download Periscope application. This application is so powerful both culturally (allow you to discover different events all over the world) and professionally. The world is getting easier to make yourself, your company, your products and services known and you can do this by using live streaming talking to potential future clients.


Periscope continues to listen to users and updates to give users the best experience.  There are a few key profiles to follow on Periscope, you can get from them regular updates as they happen   Kerry Shearer – The Periscope expert , Official Periscope on twitter , Kim Garst- The first lady of Periscope


Article written 11/09/2015. First Published on EzineArticles



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Death came knocking | 24 Days in coma | Another chance to serve

I am so glad to be back and connecting with you once again. I’ll tell you why… Last year 2014 on the 15th of December, I was heading home to London after enjoying a wonderful weekend away with friends and family. During the drive back, I suddenly felt incredibly thirsty. The only drink in the car was a can of Red Bull so I took a bit of it (call it a sip). Five minutes later I began to react to it—it started with my stomach, then my legs and eventually palpitations.

My partner and I stopped at a service station, got some water and I took some painkillers. But it didn’t help instead the pain got even worse. By the time we made it to London I had to be carried out of the car. I felt like I was getting worse by the minute. The only thing we could do was to rush to the hospital.

Cutting a long story short, I fell into a coma. My heart stopped, my organs began to fail, and my bone marrow was affected. I was in that coma for 24 days. I came back to life on the 6th of January 2015. I awoke to find that a tracheotomy (hole in the neck and trachea to help me breathe) had been done. I could not walk, talk, spell, write and had suffered partial memory loss—everything was blank. I would forget conversations as soon as people left. The only thing I remembered was my experience on the other side.


Why am I sharing this with you?

6th of March 2015 will make it two months since I came back. And even though doctors thought that I would never be 100% again and would likely be brain-damaged. I am now completely healed. Everything I could not do, I am now able to. My energy levels are steadily increasing with every new day.

I spent a total of 44 days in the hospital. During that time it felt like I was in God’s own Life School. My purpose became clearer; I saw how I had deprived others by not unleashing my calling fully. And to think that I have been speaking about unleashing potential all these years…God showed me I wasn’t doing it right. He showed me I was playing small. I learnt about the most important things in life and that there is no need to stress about a lot of the things we do worry about.

I learnt about abundance and how to attract more of it. I learnt to celebrate the little things in life that we are constantly offered but often fail to appreciate (like being able to walk to the bathroom without support, drinking water without aid). I remember when I was given a voice and I said Hello! Everyone rejoiced, ‘she can speak’. I saw and experienced love in its greatest form. He gave me the opportunity to touch lives (patients, nurses and doctors) while at the hospital recovering.

When I became aware of my environment, a few days after coming out of the coma, I noticed there were three other patients in the ward also in comas. One in particular, an Arab man I believe, had a family that were not steadfast. They wanted to move him out of the country which meant he might die so I began to pray in my heart, ‘God, don’t let them move him…Let them listen to the doctors…I woke up, he will wake up’. He woke up the next day.

We all are called; I believe we all have a purpose on earth.

My questions for you as you read this.

  1. Are you living your best life?
  2. Are you unleashing your greatest potential?
  3. If death came knocking, would you be going empty or would you be taking your gift away with you?L1020333
  4. Will those around you be able to say you made a difference in their life?
  5. If you are walking in your purpose, are you giving it your best shot?

Have you had a near death experience? Do share with me.

I am using this medium to thank all those who put me in their prayers when they heard the news…My covery is a miracle.  I have been given another chance to fulfill my purpose.Thank you.


Please Support: The Woman dying to be Number One this Christmas

Katherine Crowe, mother of two Terminally ill with Breast Cancer Released single on Itunes 14 December 2012 peaked at 17 on Friday No big music companies helping to promote, this is people power at its best article in the Daily Express 17th December 2012’

Katherine Crowe: I am a singer/songwriter based on the Isle of Man. My dreams are BIG! To make music for film, to sing and collaborate with great artists and composers, to work and sing with Orchestra’s and to just work with ace people and make music that people enjoy.


Thank you to everyone who finds this blog post and takes action in supporting this woman and her dream.

NOTE: Please Note that I do not in anyway know this woman except through a Facebook event invitation and reading the article by The Daily Express. I believe every little help counts.

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