How to take charge of your day


Before my day starts the routine is to do my prayers and declarations to charge my day. I picked up my phone and saw a message from a dear friend it reads…

Dear Placida,

September13 – 15 2015 marks the beginning of a JEWISH YEAR, a period of atonement and a Jubilee year.

May you and your family reap the abundant fruits of this Jubilee year.

Amen. SHALOM. Stella. Xxx

I checked when the message was sent, and it was sent at 1.18AM.


How beautiful, that she remembered to send a prayer for me at such early hours.


My Monday Motivation to you today: Say a prayer for yourself, make your declarations, and speak out your Mantras. Take charge of your day and make your day count.

Whether you believe in them or not the will begin to create a shift for you and your changes will start to enfold.


Have a great week.

Be Successful

Placida Acheru




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