Genesis of Genius- SPARK the genius within you

Why is it that some seem to consistently shift  from success to success … while others seem to struggle … when, in both cases, they ALL possess powerful gifts, true value – and unique genius (yes, each one has genius within).

The truth is – there is a one-of-a-kind genius, a greatness, within you.  A singular constellation of gifts, talent, expertise, experience and style that is uniquely yours to share … and, quite literally, if you don’t share it, the world won’t have it.

And the world needs your brilliance.
This is not just a nice-sounding platitude – it is a timeless, scientific, proven truth – that is now revealed in a breakthrough new book
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GENESIS OF GENIUS is your step-by-step, visual guide to consciously creating the life, work & world you most desire.  You see, from ancient creators from Plato to Leonardo Da Vinci, on to modern-day models like Oprah and Steve Jobs –they were all operating from one universal principle, one Conscious Shift in Worldview, that enabled them to not only imagine the next level of success, but to walk step by step into it.

This is your guide to do the same.

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Abundance…Inside and Out! Telesummit

Abundance isn’t just a bank statement – it’s a true full feeling of certain key areas in your life that can contribute to a long – stress free and happy life!  Experience wonderful insights on finding true balance and abundance in your life with me in Karie Millspaugh’s  Abundance, Inside and Out Telesummit!

This FREE life-changing event brings 21 life altering experts who will be sharing their personal journeys on how they achieved greatness and well being in all areas of their life.  Karie has brought together speakers from around the world in the fields of psychological health, healing and spiritual growth, creating contagious optimism, encouraging stay at home moms to go after their dreams, recovery coaching, well being and balance experts, fitness coaches, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, humanitarians, authors, feminine leadership and so much more to create a one of a kind event that will help you to discover your unique pathway to abundance on the inside and out.

I will be one of Karie’s exclusive guests for this unique and remarkable virtual event, and I’m honored to be part of this group of outstanding experts.  We can’t promise that an event like this will ever happen again.  What we can promise though is that you’ll hear stories that can make a difference in your lives in the months to come.

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Today’s Social Media Movement Video Summit

There is a movement going on and it’s called Today’s Social Media Movement initiated by Janelle Wright. It has 21 Top Social Media Experts sharing vital information to help you dominate these platforms.

If you are struggling on how to leverage social media in your business; here’s an incredible opportunity for you to gain valuable insights and strategies to propel your business to greater heights.

This special one-time virtual event has 21 top social media, online marketing, and branding experts showing you how to make more money on social media.  I am honored to be part of the line-up of speakers and look forward to sharing business strategies on social media that have helped my clients gain acceptable brand visibility, increase website traffic and close more leads.

The guests will be showing the important role that social media plays in today’s business milieu and how crucial it is to get involved and create definitive actions in order to build a stronger online presence.

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More and more businesses are emerging whilst 1000’s are going down.

Every year 700,000 new companies are started up in the United States. ~The Kauffman Foundation

In 2010, GBBO estimated that there are at least 1.5 million businesses in the UK that don’t yet have a website.

Today Face book is 1 billion users and LinkedIn which is a professional website is getting into it’s millions.

The new way of doing business is making more business owners stressed and overwhelmed. But it should not be so.

On this show we will be exploring 10 key yet simple strategies to growing a successful online business today that every business needs to know and do in other to have a successful business.

Whether you have been in business for 10 years you will find tips from this show that will help you in making guided changes that will enhance your business growth.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


  1. Mindset and confidence in yourself and your service is important in growing your business online as you would offline
  2. Be clear about your message and your brand – let your brand speak well of you.
  3. Collect details of those who stop by, there are billions of people online seeking information and help. If your site is the one they find first or last there should be information for them to purchase. Offer a good free gift that will encourage your visitors you share their details with you.
  4. Your website– is very important it’s got to be interactive  with valuable information for those who pass through , valuable enough that they want more and your services
  5. Contact Details: Have your contact online so that potential clients can find you. Make it easy for people to find you, use your name as keyword, people will first remember your name before your business name.
  6. Be expectant – prepare yourself for the biggies ( request for your services, Pr request , joint venture partnerships)
  7. Have products to sell on your site: Imagine you had a $7 product on your site and you have 100 people buy that product a month that would give you an extra $700 monthly, make it $10 or $20 or $30  what would that do for you?
  8. Mentoring – Do not be afraid of stepping up in your business, instead of being afraid get someone to help you. There are good mentors; you do not have to empty the bank to get support.
  9. Work in your Business: Business is work, you got to work to make it happen, the big flyer work at their businesses, yes they have outsourcers but you need to create what the outsourcers are going to do. That’s where innovation, creativity and the display of personal touch.
  10. Testimonials: Get client to provide you testimonial – A Service , Advice , or personality testimonial will help in making potential clients want to work with you

Finally have your contact details on your site in an easy to find destination and Maximise social media: You need to be seen, heard, and recognised.

I hope this is of benefit to you, please leave your comments below. Share with us what you aha moment in this audio and what you will be implementing starting today.

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