It’s Happening Visualise To Materialise

I am so pleased to be making this announcement!! I hope that you are excited as I am!! On the 23 May 2015, I will be launching the first of my Visualise To Materialise Workshops. It has been my personal DREAM to bring all my knowledge and experience into one m...

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Death came knocking | 24 Days in coma | Another chance to serve

I am so glad to be back and connecting with you once again. I’ll tell you why… Last year 2014 on the 15th of December, I was heading home to London after enjoying a wonderful weekend away with friends and family. During the drive back, I suddenly f...

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Be Grateful | Open doors for new blessings

We all have ways in which we end and start our new month. Are you one of those that dash through the year and rest when its new years eve? or Are you the conscious one that makes time to pause, appreciate each month and prepare body soul and spirit for the nex...

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