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I am so pleased to be making this announcement!! I hope that you are excited as I am!!

On the 23 May 2015, I will be launching the first of my Visualise To Materialise Workshops. It has been my personal DREAM to bring all my knowledge and experience into one mega event.

I have been planning for this day since I began to see my own personal desires manifest; a story I am looking forward to sharing on the day. As many you may know, I have been given a second chance in life after a major scare over Christmas and the New Year. I made a promise to myself: No More Holding Back.

We all can create change in our lives. The barrier is so often the first steps. It is easier to want change and hope it happens around us then actually making it happen.

In my workshop we will begin the journey to identifying and declaring what we truly want from our own lives. What defines personal fulfilment to you? We will discuss manifestation triggers. These are the doors we need to open to obtain our dreams. I have found repeatedly that these triggers are key to making hopes and dreams come true for us all.

The purpose of the workshop is to highlight how gratitude and visualisation as the two most powerful processes help manifest one’s desire. We acknowledge that being grateful both lifts your frequency higher and affirms that you believe you will receive your desire.

By working together with visualisation, we focus the mind to send out the clearest message to the universe.

It is not just an idea. It is in scripture. Believe and Receive.

This creative process is based on a quote from the Bible.  “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive”. (Matthew 21:22)

I will be teaching from my personal experiences and observations. I will be using the extensive feedback I have received over the years.

We will have a special guest too. I am truly excited that my good friend, Celia Gates, will be joining us. Celia is an Inventor and Innovator who will be introducing you to her “Whether Forecast” model. All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Celia’s Brainwave To Business Book ….Retailing with a five star rating on Amazon at £14.99

This will be the first of a series of events where I will be looking forward to meeting wonderful people like you. Not only do attendees get great content, gifts, we also have amazing networking opportunities for meeting new friends and share fantastic ideas. Expect the unexpected.

This will be no normal boring events. Change is good. Dreams can be realised. Do not waste your talents. We will make it happen…..


I look forward sharing with you

Many Blessings
Placida Acheru


Death came knocking | 24 Days in coma | Another chance to serve

I am so glad to be back and connecting with you once again. I’ll tell you why… Last year 2014 on the 15th of December, I was heading home to London after enjoying a wonderful weekend away with friends and family. During the drive back, I suddenly felt incredibly thirsty. The only drink in the car was a can of Red Bull so I took a bit of it (call it a sip). Five minutes later I began to react to it—it started with my stomach, then my legs and eventually palpitations.

My partner and I stopped at a service station, got some water and I took some painkillers. But it didn’t help instead the pain got even worse. By the time we made it to London I had to be carried out of the car. I felt like I was getting worse by the minute. The only thing we could do was to rush to the hospital.

Cutting a long story short, I fell into a coma. My heart stopped, my organs began to fail, and my bone marrow was affected. I was in that coma for 24 days. I came back to life on the 6th of January 2015. I awoke to find that a tracheotomy (hole in the neck and trachea to help me breathe) had been done. I could not walk, talk, spell, write and had suffered partial memory loss—everything was blank. I would forget conversations as soon as people left. The only thing I remembered was my experience on the other side.


Why am I sharing this with you?

6th of March 2015 will make it two months since I came back. And even though doctors thought that I would never be 100% again and would likely be brain-damaged. I am now completely healed. Everything I could not do, I am now able to. My energy levels are steadily increasing with every new day.

I spent a total of 44 days in the hospital. During that time it felt like I was in God’s own Life School. My purpose became clearer; I saw how I had deprived others by not unleashing my calling fully. And to think that I have been speaking about unleashing potential all these years…God showed me I wasn’t doing it right. He showed me I was playing small. I learnt about the most important things in life and that there is no need to stress about a lot of the things we do worry about.

I learnt about abundance and how to attract more of it. I learnt to celebrate the little things in life that we are constantly offered but often fail to appreciate (like being able to walk to the bathroom without support, drinking water without aid). I remember when I was given a voice and I said Hello! Everyone rejoiced, ‘she can speak’. I saw and experienced love in its greatest form. He gave me the opportunity to touch lives (patients, nurses and doctors) while at the hospital recovering.

When I became aware of my environment, a few days after coming out of the coma, I noticed there were three other patients in the ward also in comas. One in particular, an Arab man I believe, had a family that were not steadfast. They wanted to move him out of the country which meant he might die so I began to pray in my heart, ‘God, don’t let them move him…Let them listen to the doctors…I woke up, he will wake up’. He woke up the next day.

We all are called; I believe we all have a purpose on earth.

My questions for you as you read this.

  1. Are you living your best life?
  2. Are you unleashing your greatest potential?
  3. If death came knocking, would you be going empty or would you be taking your gift away with you?L1020333
  4. Will those around you be able to say you made a difference in their life?
  5. If you are walking in your purpose, are you giving it your best shot?

Have you had a near death experience? Do share with me.

I am using this medium to thank all those who put me in their prayers when they heard the news…My covery is a miracle.  I have been given another chance to fulfill my purpose.Thank you.


Be Grateful | Open doors for new blessings

We all have ways in which we end and start our new month. Are you one of those that dash through the year and rest when its new years eve? or Are you the conscious one that makes time to pause, appreciate each month and prepare body soul and spirit for the next month?.

As a business person the tendency is to be super busy so much that we miss the really important things.

This month, take time out to STOP – Yes! stop the mind chattering, the anxiety, the depression, the fear, the loneliness, the uncertainty and whatever it is that occupy your mind.

Take time out to appreciate your world and all that’s in it.When you do this, you will open doors for better things to come.


You hear me talk about making work light, when you relax and know that everything is in control, what happens is you see more productivity and have less stress.

Today I appreciate you for landing on this page and taking time to listen to the video.

Leave your comments and thoughts. I would love to read how you end your month and start a new month.

Have a wonderful November

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