Be Grateful | Open doors for new blessings

We all have ways in which we end and start our new month. Are you one of those that dash through the year and rest when its new years eve? or Are you the conscious one that makes time to pause, appreciate each month and prepare body soul and spirit for the next month?.

As a business person the tendency is to be super busy so much that we miss the really important things.

This month, take time out to STOP – Yes! stop the mind chattering, the anxiety, the depression, the fear, the loneliness, the uncertainty and whatever it is that occupy your mind.

Take time out to appreciate your world and all that’s in it.When you do this, you will open doors for better things to come.


You hear me talk about making work light, when you relax and know that everything is in control, what happens is you see more productivity and have less stress.

Today I appreciate you for landing on this page and taking time to listen to the video.

Leave your comments and thoughts. I would love to read how you end your month and start a new month.

Have a wonderful November

Genesis of Genius- SPARK the genius within you

Why is it that some seem to consistently shift  from success to success … while others seem to struggle … when, in both cases, they ALL possess powerful gifts, true value – and unique genius (yes, each one has genius within).

The truth is – there is a one-of-a-kind genius, a greatness, within you.  A singular constellation of gifts, talent, expertise, experience and style that is uniquely yours to share … and, quite literally, if you don’t share it, the world won’t have it.

And the world needs your brilliance.
This is not just a nice-sounding platitude – it is a timeless, scientific, proven truth – that is now revealed in a breakthrough new book
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GENESIS OF GENIUS is your step-by-step, visual guide to consciously creating the life, work & world you most desire.  You see, from ancient creators from Plato to Leonardo Da Vinci, on to modern-day models like Oprah and Steve Jobs –they were all operating from one universal principle, one Conscious Shift in Worldview, that enabled them to not only imagine the next level of success, but to walk step by step into it.

This is your guide to do the same.

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Woman Unleash Your Potential Summit

Women in Business Online Conference – Free Pass

Women gather from the 9-20th of July for a life and business transforming online conference. The Woman Unleash Your Potential Summit is an annual event which attracts participants from over 45 countries.  This event is hosted by Placida Acheru one of UK’s Top Business Transformational Coaches.  This year the event will be featuring the following speakers:

The speakers will be sharing techniques on how they jumped their hurdles in life and business and developed 6-7 figure income businesses.

Here are some of the modules they will be sharing at this online event:

  • How to Uncover, Own, and Communicate Your Irresistible Brand That Attracts Your Ideal High Paying Clients
  • Setting Goals and Achieving Them
  • Thought Leadership for Women
  • Six Selling Online Principles
  • Speak to Attract, Market and Close New Business
  • Solving the Profit Puzzle: How Women Business Owners Can Multiply Their Revenue by Cracking the Code on Corporate Contracts
  • Be the News
  • Lead With Your Soul: Claiming Your Innate Brilliance
  • 5 (and a half) Steps To Launch your Own Personally Branded Web TV Show

The purpose of this event is to Motivate, Empower, Encourage, Educate and Enlighten women across the world; as well as give these women in business ready TOOLS to be independent and successful in whatever they do.

Who can attend this event?: Women in Business, Coaches, Mentors, Independent Practitioners, Work at Home Moms, Consultants, Career Women and Female Entrepreneurs.

You are invited if you:

  • Need to Transform Your Life?
  • Want to create a marketing system to attract their ideal clients and earn leveraged income?
  • Need to experience true freedom in your business and life?
  • Want to learn how to break the fear of failure and success?
  • Need collaboration, support of other successful Business owners?
  • Want to discover your true calling and take charge of your life?

Registration for this online conference is FREE, We encourage women to share this with other women so that they too can benefit from the teaching of these expert entrepreneurs.

Strategic Connections – More leads – More Sales

You are invited to gain access to 4 videos that will show ways to increase your sales while playing around.

These pre-launch videos for a 90 minute training call on how to maximize facebook for business. You will be provided down to earth training no hype or confusing words. Action Steps are simple to understand, simple to do and yet produce great results.

You will discover and learn:

How you can get 1000 new qualified leads into your mailing list
How you can use the power of Facebook viral features
How to use profile, groups and pages to grow your business and earn $$$$ Monthly
How to communicate with new contacts and expand your network

To gain access to Video 1 and the rest of the training go to


To gain access to Video 1 and the rest of the training go to

Get a Bonus when you signup for the training.

See you on the call.

Website Management Troubles Business Owners Should Avoid

Can having a website be so much stress?  Well there are a few mistakes business owners make with regards to website management.

Take Control: One mistake business owners make is not having control over their own website, by control I mean the buying of the hosting service and domain name. They don’t know where the domain name or hosting was bought. You should at least know where your web designer bought them if nothing at all.

Website Deals: Don’t go for fancy deals, where you are offered Website + Domain + Hosting = Pay monthly. It looks like a good money saving deal but in the long run it will bring you lots of trouble. What this also means, you could lose everything if your relationship with your designer goes bad.

Hosting: When buying hosting go for a provider that has good 24 hours support and provision of unlimited domain hosting, emails, loads of benefit at no extra cost. I would buy based on recommendation – Happy client and reviews. I recommend and have become an affiliate because I trust the service have provided me for over 5 years and still do. If you intend to go with them go for the baby package. Do your research, you might have a different view.

Domain: Have your domain bought from a different provider from your hosting service this way you don’t lose everything if anything goes wrong. I use and have bought all my domains from them since I got to know about them. I am very happy with the service they have provided and still provide.

Buying a Domain: Choose your domain name wisely , easy to remember name is good and also depending on what you are using it for, keyword rich domain name is a plus. Buy a .com if available it signifies global reach, people will always type in .com search engines before anything else, it’s web instinct. If based in the UK , see that you secure and .biz if your business becomes a worldwide success, you don’t want someone trying to rip you off by selling your domain name to you at a crazy rate.

Log in Details: Be sure to have control of your back end (login details kept in a safe place). Change password before you change your designer, peradventure your designer decides to play a fast one on you.

Renew: When you receive notification to renew your domain or hosting respond ASAP, I tell you, losing your domain and trying to get it back, is not what you would like to spend your time doing especially if you have bought the domain from a company whose customer service is appalling.

Editing your Site: Find out from your website designer how you can make minor edits your site. This will save you stress in the instance your designer can’t be reached when you need something urgently done.  You don’t need to know HTML these days. Sites built on platforms like wordpress can easily be edited without your designer having to do it for you.

Disappearing Act: If you find your website is gone, DON’T PANIC. Contact your web designer, if not available contact your hosting service provider. Be sure to have all your purchase details with you for verification.  Depending on the problem, you should get your site back at the most 48 hours.

Regular Visits: Pay regular visits to your website, do not assume it’s the way you left it the last time you checked, remember there are hackers out there whose mission is to frustrate other people. They can inject bugs into your site , YES they can. Keep your site updated as this is your billboard.

Finally, If you have found a good web designer be patient with them, don’t abuse their time and keep them sweet. Good ones are hard to find, not all designers make life easy.

Generally don’t be completely ignorant about your website management, or anything regarding your business.

If you are having troubles with your website and need professional assistance you can contact me.

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