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Are you a business consultant seeking to raise your expert status, or a Business Owner seeking to grow your list and attract more paying clients? Maybe you are looking to move from a 9-5 Job to becoming the CEO of your life and business. 


You would


You are in the right place. My name is Placida Acheru, I’m “a transformation Coach and Mentor, with a flair for digital marketing”. Renowned for helping business owners attract More Leads, More Clients and More Sales. I love working with Business owners to establish a presence in the market place, monetize any exiting business so they can live life on their own terms.

who I work with





I have tried my hands on a number of trade and I know how complicated it can be to manage and coordinate it all. I have worked with starts ups helping them polish ideas and turning them into lucrative businesses. I also work with small business owners to clear every blockage to financial success as well as helping them use social media and website marketing to gain credibility, confidence and attract more clients.

My Clients include Coaches, Consultants, Health and Beauty Practitioners, Local Authorities, Entrepreneurs, Home based Business Owners and Women in Business.


What I help you with




Let me ask you, what impact would it make in your business if

  • you increased your list by 250% in 30 days or less
  • you generated consistent ££££ monthly, (you put in the figure you desire)
  • you got a brand and visibility that gives you credibility before potential client
  • you learned strategies that makes your marketing results effortless
  • you got the tools to Automated your Business processes 

You can be sure my coaching and mentoring programs will get you the results you desire.


So Let me ask

Are you at the point where you know it is..
  • Time to become more confident, charge what you are worth
  • Time to Create visibility and credibility for your brand
  • Time to Increase in your Income – making your annual revenue your monthly Income
  • Time to get your online marketing on point and maximize social media platforms (I take away the fear of social media platforms and show you how to attract new clients and build Joint venture partnerships.)
  • Time to Launch out as a new coach
  • Time to Increase your list and optimise email marketing

Simply fill out this simple questionnaire, its purpose is to help save time and in maximizing your session with me. It will also help me in deciding how ready you are in making this transformation in your business. CLICK HERE

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