Business owner, whether you are just starting out or have been in business a long time, you will agree with me that the way we do business today is completely different from the way we did it even 5 years ago. Creating a visible acceptable brand, attracting the right client and having recurring sales is very important in sustaining your business. I am guessing you are sick and tired of going around in circles, running a business that is not producing tangible results.

You are here, because it is TIME to WIN! 

Hi, my name is Placida Acheru, “THE DYNAMIC BUSINESS GROWTH ACTIVATION STRATEGIST”. Renowned for helping Passion-Based business owners, Coaches, Mentors and Transformation Leaders, Position themselves as the expert in their industry, this then results in More Leads, More Clients and More Sales.

I have been supporting passionate business owners for over 10 years as a certified business coach. I absolutely love to see lives and business transform. How wonderful will it be that you stopped worrying about bills and have more than enough to do as you will.

Below are a few things clients come to me for…

  • Attract and convert high-end audience to paid clients
  • Establish them as the go-to expert in their field
  • Create offers that help them charge what they are worth
  • Become a visible positive contributor to their tribe.
  • Build profitable sales funnel that generates automated income
  • Simplify the techie side of business and show clients how to achieve more results.

By the end of a clients time with me, they can see 250% growth in their business. Yes, you read right! My clients are REPEAT clients, who bring me MORE clients. When you have the right systems in place the client flow remain consistent.

About three years ago, my life changed drastically. A near death experience made me revaluate how I lived my life and served my clients. I decided that I am going to help as many people as I can achieve their legacy goals. I started by launching, The Vision Activation Workshop, My Bestselling Authors Program with the goal to help #200women become Transformational Authors by 2019, and then my Activated Business Club. Since taking these steps, I received in 2017, seven Awards recognising me for my achievements. You too can begin today to make bigger IMPACT!

If you are a coach, mentor, consultant, an independent practitioner who would like to LIVE LIFE on your own terms by creating a business that gives you continual profit, freedom to be and do whatever you desire. LET’S GET STARTED


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