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If you would like to Get your business noticed, Build an acceptable brand, Attract more clients, And Create Repeat Business...

You have come to the right place!

Whether you are just starting out or you have an exiting business, you will agree with me that the way we do business today is completely different from the way we did it even 5 years ago. Creating a visible acceptable brand, attracting the right client and having recurring sales is very important in sustaining your business.

Hi, my name is Placida Acheru, I work closely with Business owners, Experts and Independent Practitioners to Build, Expand and Multiply their financial goals through Strategic marketing positioning and Monetization.

In simple terms I help my clients

  • Attract high-end targeted audience, who then become clients
  • Establish themselves as the go-to expert in their field
  • Become a visible positive contributor to their network.
  • Build a sales funnel that generates automated income
  • Simplify the techie side of business and show clients how to achieve more results

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A few years ago I had no knowledge of the computer, internet, software and website operations yet in a short span of time I created a new lifestyle and portfolio for myself. I would like to show you how I did it.

My passion and goal is to get you to have EXCELLENCE in your Business and gain all round success. I will work with you, showing you how to properly apply successful business fundamentals of running a business, from Planning, Mapping, Gaining the motivation to push forward, Financial strategies, Offline and Online marketing to Discovering and Maximizing the opportunities that come your way.

If you are a coach, mentor, consultant, an independent practitioner who would like to change the way things are and create a business that gives you continual profit, freedom to be and do whatever you desire. LET’S GET STARTED

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You would find my Program and Packages are designed to meet the needs of your business. There is a program that is right for you, regardless of the industry you are in. I provide you practical hands-on support, Simplifying processes to help you create success faster. Let me work with you to bring out that quality in you which will enable you create the life you desire. I’d be honored to be the person who helps to take you to your next level. So I invite you contact me today.


“I finally found someone to help me! Placida Acheru, remember this name”

“I finally found someone to help me! Placida Acheru, remember this name! I just had a Skype conversation with her, and she gave me SO much information about WEBSITE DESIGN etc, and in an EASILY DIGESTIBLE way.

She not only knows about website design, but also in general of the use of Internet, social media, starting a business etc. And she is a very nice person!

Thanks to you, Placida, I so much enjoyed talking with you. I’m really glad to have found you here in the Internet!

I also recommend the Unleashed Women’s Network to all my female friends…. Maarit S. ~ Rovaniemi, Finland

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    Life is easy when you have the right person working with you, showing you the way to your desired dream.

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    Meeting Placida has truly been a life changing experience for me. Regret will never be a word I say after joining up for her Mentoring Mix – Boot camp program; I encourage you, don’t wait, jump in boots and all. She has so much knowledge to share; learning with her has opened up my world to a whole new and exciting journey. After a couple of sessions with Placida, I have learned about things like Skype, and Paypal and best of all I have my very own website too. Now my day is one of saying “I can’t wait to learn more” Placida, is a one of a kind tutor, a woman of many talents, add to that patient, fun to be with, and oh so very encouraging. Enjoyment, while learning, is what I have had the pleasure to experience. “Thank you so much Placida for all I have learned from you” Ps. I joined as a senior @ the mentor -mix

    Maxine Butler , Australia

    “I was introduced to Placida by a friend after I explained my ordeal with gaining more clients. After going through her BVC Highway Program, it was evident that I was doing a lot of things wrong in my business. My first point of call was to give my branding an overhaul and change most of the content on my website. Placida walked me through her tested client attraction process and asked specific questions to make sure we were targeting the right audience with the ideal message. I have seen an increase in client inquires including an increase in the opt-in sign up on my site. I am amazed at her marketing and technical knowledge in growing a business. I highly recommend Placida's mentoring programs.

    Veronique Mildby , France